High craftsmanship and creativity at Taera, a Venezuelan restaurant on the patio of the Hotel de Paris in Monte-Carlo. The furnishings favour materials that recall natural raw materials: wood, copper, lava stone and water-based enamels, which give the design a tone of relaxed authenticity. In Taera one breathes the idea of an authentic and cosy Venezuela, colourful and tasty. Also paying homage to Venezuelan culture are two fascinating frescoes painted by the South American artist Viviana Grondona that dazzle with their chromatic energy.

Moretti is responsible for the production of the finishes and installation. Project and work supervision by the Monegasque architectural firm Arch Monaco led by architect Genin Frédéric.

This project involved our technical and craftsmanship team for five months: from the study of the project, to the coordination of the various implementation phases, to the production of samples for the selection of materials, to the production and installation of the custom-made furniture. The restaurant was inaugurated on 12 October 2023 and marks the beginning of a new culinary experience in the heart of the most prestigious and iconic hotel in the Principality of Monaco and beyond: Hotel de Paris.
Two types of wood were used in the project, okumé and mahogany, with different surface treatments, which create different shading and refraction effects with light. The final treatment of the wood was carried out with transparent varnishes with a natural effect.

Other materials were combined with the wood: copper with a double surface finish, enamelled lava plates, satin-finish stainless steel and quartz used for the worktops in the operating counters.

May – October 2023

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SBM – Société des Bains de Mer

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Date :
October 2023

Taera is a painted canvas that takes us back to a dreamlike dimension of multi-sensory perceptions. An experience of uniqueness that we are proud to have been a part of, making an enlightened vision real.

The screens on the wall and counter heads are made entirely of solid wood in the two selected woods, to which an ageing process was applied by hand in our workshop. The rectangular tiles reproduce a stylised ethnic motif, selected and elaborated by the Arch Monaco studio.

Very particular is the system of fixing the tiles to the structural frame: each individual tile is suspended and fixed by means of natural, woven cotton ropes. The binding of each individual tile was handmade in our workshop in Sedico, by our craftsmen.

The counter is defined by a synergy of all the materials selected for the project. Very special is the finish of the service counter tops of the main counter: they are 20 mm thick plates made of magmatic stone, cut to size in slabs, which are quarried directly from the quarries. This stone is the result of the solidification of lava spewed from volcanoes during their activity in ancient times. Its characteristic is that it has a high surface resistance to temperature changes, making it suitable for work and service surfaces, as in this case. The surface finish is a polished ceramic coating, in this case pink in colour.

Curved niches: for a better finish and aesthetic precision, the curvature of the niches has been realised by means of our wooden templates, made in our workshop, to be installed on site and then covered with plasterboard sheets.

The ceiling beams are made of solid okume wood. The surface has been aged by hand, to give it a more lived-in look, using dedicated metal tools, which our craftsmen know how to manipulate. Natural water-based products were used to finish the walls and ceiling, in line with the design aspect.

80 square metres of pure overseas poetry, a refined yet richly textured interpretation created by a meticulous selection of materials and colour palettes. Wood, lava stone, copper, enamels and high craftsmanship.


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