One Montecarlo Meeting is part of the “One Monte-carlo” complex which includes a residential part and another intended for high-level congress activities, for which the Monegasque city is an important centre. The project lasted six months and ran parallel to One Montecarlo Residential.

Its charcterising features are its exclusivity, the use of fine materials and, no mere secondary factors, the height and extent of the centre, with an atrium that reaches 11 meters and extends over 600 square meters.

The three floors, which are all located below ground level in the basement of One Montecarlo, have a total area of 1445 square meters.

The use of finely finished wood is predominant, starting with the foyer, the place where visitors are first welcomed and which is thus central to the aesthetics of the entire development.

In this space, oak plays the leading role and is used to completely cover the vertical walls and ceilings in trapezoidal shapes, creating an undulating motif. One of the requirements was to select panels that would guarantee an acoustic performance suitable for the functions that take place in a conference centre.

For this project we also took care of the construction of all the doors, which are coordinated with the colours of the wall coverings, as well as of the organization of some of the spaces and the arrangement of environments such as the toilets.

Inside the structure there are elements that go beyond their “service function” to become objects of strong individuality: this is the case of the reception desk located at the entrance to the congress centre. A multi-level, sinuous travertine unit with metal inserts that create a playful effect with the backlit decorative wall. In this environment, the ceiling is covered with panels equipped with pairs of adjustable spotlights.



Commissining client:
Société des Bains de Mer


Inauguration date:
June 2019

The height of the central corridor makes this construction a very prestigious example of our work, both for the materials used and for the capacity to install these large surfaces. All our design and craftsmanship skills have been put to use here to create something truly unique

Unusual, refined, tactile, a project that works on multiple levels of interpretation and impresses with the quality of the details. An assignment that begins and ends with the meticulous search for the materials most suited to the client’s requirements.

From the design to the finished product, it is always a question of details.

Phase after phase, from the design studio to the construction site, to the installation process, to the finishings and the final checks, everything is planned, nothing is left to chance. Attention to detail makes the difference for Moretti Interiors. For us, detail is synonymous with exclusivity and precision. We monitor the project throughout its execution and intervene when necessary to change certain parameters. An approach and a method that originate from in-house research and development where materials, their performance, new application possibilities, durability and resistance are studied for their varied and countless uses.


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